About us

Atelier d'artiste, visiter maison d'artiste, cote d'azur, sculpteur, ceramiste, ceramiques monumentales, biot

The Friends of Jacky Coville, Les Amis de Jacky Coville, is a non-profit organisation welcoming collectors, artists, art professionals, art enthusiasts and lovers of our beautiful village of Biot. 

We share a strong passion for the artist and his work. We are convinced that this modernist house and workshop, which harbours the artist's imagination, free spirit and energy, have enormous potential.

It is a place full of history and memories that still houses the artist and his polymorphic creations.

Our desire is to raise awareness of the inspiring work of Jacky Coville. To introduce and share his work as widely as possible, to continue to bring it to life and most importantly to preserve his house and workshop as a cultural heritage site whose exceptional ressources will be open to all.