Projects for 2024

  • The town of Biot is planning to acquire the plot of land next to Jacky Coville's in order to enlarge the garden of the future museum according to the plans imagined by Atelier Pomérium, and to create a museum entrance close to the main street.
  • We are planning to take on a young person for a Civic Service within the association.
  • Steps are being taken to obtain Public Utility status (bearing in mind that the association is already recognized as being of General Interest).
  • Following the enthusiastic response to the small workshops organized in collaboration with Rotary Biot Templiers, Les Amis de Jacky Coville plan to organize longer children's workshops (enameling) during the spring vacations, still led by Emmanuelle Esmiol, and possibly adult workshops...
  • The book "Jacky Coville, l'héritage de la terre" is scheduled for release in March, to mark Jacky Coville's birthday. An event will be organized for the occasion, and pre-sales will be announced in a future newsletter.
  • Tidying up of the kiln-side workshop planned for spring, volunteers can sign up here.
  • Start of the search for sponsors to finance the Jacky Coville Museum (to receive the file click here).

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 "Jacky Coville : l'héritage de la terre"


This event will take place over 2 days


                  Friday, July 1, 2022 at 6:30 p.m.: the inauguration*

  • In front of the sculpture The Masked Sea Serpent, located in front of the contemporary Monod esplanade, at the entrance of the village, 06410 Biot
  • Presentation of the exhibition by Jacky Coville, Valérie Bénassy-Gaidoz, president of the association Les Amis de Jacky Coville, and Jean-Pierre Dermit, mayor of Biot
  • The inauguration of the exhibition, which will last until September 30, 2022, will be followed by a cocktail, in music with Swing & Co, a tasty mix of Hot Swing Jazz and Gypsy Jazz, juggling show with Juggling Oliver

                 ➡ Saturday July 2, 2022 from 10 a.m.: visits




      This event will be an opportunity to simultaneously and exclusively discover more than


       25 pieces by Jacky Coville until the end of the summer:

  • 6 monumental sculptures in the streets and squares of the historic center of Biot
  • His works produced between 2000 and 2015 at the Sonia Delaunay media library  4, Chemin Neuf in Biot during opening hours ( )
  • 10 old pieces exhibited at the Biotoise History and Ceramics Museum 9, rue Saint-Sébastien in Biot during opening hours (
  • The personal collection of the Brothier family, owner of the hotel-restaurant Les Arcades (can be viewed exceptionally and by appointment HERE)
  • An etching and a sculpture at the La Créative boutique, place de l’Eglise in Biot (La Créative)
  • The personal workshop and the magical garden dotted with the creations of Jacky Coville still in Biot
  • And of course the opportunity to meet a ceramist of international renown. (Visit by reservation HERE)

                         Are you a member? Refer to the tab below


Dress code: in tribute to Jacky Coville, dress in the artist's emblematic colors!


Play the game in red, blue, green, pink, yellow, or black and white, plain


*This official opening will be followed by a dinner aperitif in the garden of Jacky Coville (20:30h) which will be strictly reserved for members who are up to date with their contributions and who have confirmed their participation here) 🎈

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